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Our Double Doodie Bag is getting some PAWesome attention from our friend over at BarkBox & BarkPost. Check out this article they wrote that features one of our products!

BarkPost: Ingenious Dog Inventions That Every Pup Parent Needs To Have

If you love dogs as much as we love dogs, there’s very little you won’t do or buy for them if it means improving their lives (well, within reason). Thankfully, there are all kinds of Kickstarter projects that aim to do just that.

Here are 7 of the best ongoing canine-themed Kickstarter campaigns. If any of them interest you, you should definitely consider backing them and getting in on the ground floor.

The Double Doodie Bag is basically the Ghost Trap from the Ghostbusters movies, but instead of trapping ghosts, it traps the terrible stench of your dog’s excrement. Have you ever been on a walk with numerous dogs and numerous bags full of numerous poops with nary a trash can in sight? It’s not exactly a pleasant experience. Thankfully, The Double Doodie Bag will make your poop-carrying woes a thing of the past.

New Family Member

Hey everybody! It’s been a while- sorry about that! We have been busy working our newest products. This past weekend, we rescued a Great Pyrenees named Jojo! We’re thrilled to welcome her to our pack of pups and humans… she couldn’t fit in any better. She’s 85lbs of pure love (and fluff). Take a look at her new photo on our team page!

Thank you to John, Renee and Jojo’s foster dad, Robert, for helping us find Jojo. If you’re looking for a WONDERFUL rescue to support, please check out

In celebration of our newest member, we’re offering everyone 20% off EVERYTHING in our store. Use coupon code “twenty” at checkout to receive your discount. Be sure to check out our newest items, the Double Doodie Bags, which make hikes, walks and runs better by eliminating that smelly dog poo problem! Read more here…

Thank you for all of your love and continued support. We’ll have an announcement soon on what to expect this fall and winter!


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What’s a Double Doodie Bag?
The Double Doodie Bag is a solution to walks, runs and hikes, by eliminating the smelly problem surrounding your dog’s waste.

Fetch Pet Products wanted to design something that could attach to any leash, temporarily hold dog poop, and and smell pleasant until you can safely dispose of your dog’s waste if a trash can isn’t immediately available. We created the Double Doodie Bag which is able to hold your dog’s poo while being sandwiched between two fresh scented dryer sheets! The Doodie Bag’s two main compartments carry personal items and dog waste, completely separate from each other.
What’s in it for you?
Each person who makes a donation on Kickstarter of at least $15 will receive their own Doodie Bag as soon as they arrive to our warehouse this summer! Normally, these bags will retail between $17 and $25 in stores. You’re getting the very FIRST bags at a discounted price! What could be better?We need to meet our goal of at least $1500 to get the project started. Please donate and spread the word to all dog owners, dog loves, friends and family! I’m confident this a tool that every dog person can use. Thank you for your support!

UPDATE: We’ve hit 50%! Thank you to the 25 supporters thus far. Please keep sharing the link on your social media accounts so we may hit our goal and send your bags ASAP!

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