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Our Friends Need Help

Hundreds of pets in southern Louisiana have been saved from devastating floodwaters thanks to the heroic efforts of the Louisiana State Animal Response Team. Many pets are still stranded, homeless, hurt and need our help! This month, Fetch will donate proceeds from our sales towards LSART to help their rescue efforts.

This month, when you purchase any item through our web store, we’ll donate 10% of the sale price, plus an additional dog toy to the pets rescued by LSART.

Shop now or donate directly to LSART. Remember: every dollar counts!

 More info about LSART
LSART, Louisiana’s preeminent animal disaster response and rescue organization, evolved from a committee of the Louisiana Veterinary Medical Association (LVMA). After LSART’s pivotal role in Hurricane Katrina emergency response, the organization became part of the Dr. Walter J. Ernst Veterinary Memorial Foundation, the non-profit association that provides support to the LVMA.
LSART is made up of groups and individuals with a common interest in animal well-being during times of man-made and natural disaster. LSART volunteers have been on the front lines of animal emergency relief in Louisiana through hurricanes, oil spills, floods and other events that negatively impact animal health and safety. LSART’s membership includes veterinary professionals, state and local agencies and private individuals – all are passionate about alleviating animal suffering during times of crisis.
LSART responds to emergencies with search and rescue, evacuation and sheltering. They oversee training in NIMS (FEMA’s National Incident Management System), ICS (FEMA’s Incident Command System), shelter management, community/ public messaging and other aspects of disaster planning. LSART also provides resources to parishes for animal emergency preparedness, response and recovery, and operational guidelines.

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